Nov 22nd 2020

so i’ve been doing a bit of a new thing. That is just videoing myself talking. ahahahah really

If you would like to stay updated on the day to day here at the creek here are some links my never boring life. Bank of America calling the cops on me after refusing to give me my $$ in their bank. yeah it was kind of wild! and the after math of that.

this was 11-18-2020

this is 11-18-2020 part B

Trip home from the FOURTH attempt at getting my computer repaired at Bet Buy FAIL

This was Monday 11-16-2020 just home from being gone FIVE days to dog show.

This was Tuesday 11-17-2020 BEFORE my run in at the bank. which was CLOSED yesterday Monday 11-16-2020

and Part 2 of Tuesday 11-17-2020

ok thats about a week worth. you can always keep up with us on You Tube: SmartSonya ahahahah i named my channel that because it was middle of the night when i finally figured out HOW to post something to You tube. with an old Flip i think those things were called. :+} moving into the 21st century

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