July 19th 2020

Got back from our trip to CA a wk ago today. The idea to fly back home was the best!! even if our van rental was over a 1000.00 but tickets were only 500.00!! for both of us! Still We got up at 2:00 a.m their time and left my sweet friend’s house and drove to SFO (where they had weird ‘art’ hanging from the ceiling) cked in the rent a van and grabbed a small bite to eat and arrived at gate as they were loading!! Oh yes i had a frencie in tow to be delivered in AR. ahahahah anything to help a friend! So allow me to back up.

We left the 4th of July at midnight loaded down with 11 bullmastiff puppies. The 4th was a Sat and i had worked all day and driven to our airport XNA 45 min away to pick up the rent a van. I wanted to head out about 8:00 but Joy had family fire works and i wasn’t even ready until midnight i just never stopped working. I picked Joy up in Springdale at her house run by Arvest to take a out a little cash for the trip and the ATM Said sorry we will not give any many $$$. i wanted to scream. but B of A was right now down the street so they came thru for us (and to think I almost closed my account last wk i was mad at them!) So we are off like a herd of turtles for the creek but didn’t drive far when tiredness over came me and i was falling asleep. I thought to myself. If i could just find a church and get an hr or two. So trying to hear from God we pulled off of I 40 West and sure enough right there on left was a very large parking lot with a white church setting to the far west side. We pulled in (joy was already asleep and so were all the puppies) and I put on my eye covering (i call it my eye ball bra ahahah) and in few seconds was fast asleep. at 3:30 a.m. i awake to something tapping on my window. It was a police man. ahahaha i must have jumped not having seen his flash light. I rolled my window down part way (the van was still running with the air on high) and told him we were taking a load of puppies to CA!! he just laughed at us. He knew i was telling the truth as he had already viewed the sleeping puppies in the back. I shook myself awake and was glad to be back on the road. I drove until 5:00 when the sun started to come up and Joy woke up. we stopped and got her some coffee and found one little girl puppy in the back not having a good time. She road the rest of the trip up front with us. All the big ones back there had injured her right front leg a bit. I rested about an hour and half while Joy drove. she is very good driver. I was so blessed to have her along. We switched off driving the entire trip.

We made Phoenix a little after 8:00 pm Sunday night. We left 40 about after Gallop NM and drove down thru a national forest. at first it looked more like a desert then there was lots of pine trees then when we started seeing the Saguaro Cactus we knew were getting closer to Phoenix. My friend Cindi lives in New Queens i think is name of town outside of Phoenix. kind of a new town. it was SOOOO amazing to see her!! and what an Oasis for us and the tired puppies. She had a lovely huge pen with kiddy swimming pool and fake grass and lots of water pails set up and they played until after 1:00 a.m.!!!! It was amazing to get to finally meet in person my sweet friend. She has Ridik a bullmastiff from me. I think he’s 8 or 9 years old. she had also gotten a sweet female from me Bella but Bella has passed. And she got 2 puppies this early spring. :+}

We loaded up and were ready to go after our visiting and showering the next morning by 9:30. As i loaded the last puppy to make 11 Cindi ask me “are you driving to Tucson?” i said NO No time and quickly unloaded dark green girl from Holly litter! feeling terrible stupid for not having called that pick up hours ago. Still we had to get on the road or we were very concerned about traffic getting to San Juan Capistrano. Cindi did that delivery for me. Thank you LORD! We did run into a little but nothing like 5 o’clock traffic in CA. We made it by 4:30 to our next destination; Maddy’s house. Where she was so kind and Gracious to allow us to do our next 5 deliveries there. (and her boy Brock ) She had shade and huge area baby gated off for puppies to play and every time a pickup person would call and say I can’t find you (she lived on top of a small mountain thru a gated community) i’d hand my phone to Maddy and she would say “where are YOU?” ahahah and get them right to us. :+} in less than 2 hrs we had met everyone and went thru puppy packs and played with the puppies while they ran around and were happy to get out of van.

We left there with only 4 puppies in van. Two of which were picked up the next day and two we had until Sat when we had made our way up north to Livermore.

When we arrived at the beach house late Monday afternoon (Maddy’s beach house she SO graciously allowed us to use AND had 2 refrigerators FULL of food! and the counter too!) long before dark we were over come by God’s GREAT Grace and blessing to us. the house was delightful! when you walk out you are ON this private beach. Maddy said when she purchased it in the 1970’s she owned part of the beach. pretty cool! and even though there had been a very very bad storm July 4th and had done some damage to the beach we were so grateful just to be there. we run out and sunk our toes in the sand and listened to the waves pound the shore and took in all the salt in there air. the salt REALLY is in the air and corrodes the metal on everything. Met our neighbors and their pets. :+}

We didn’t leave the beach house until Thursday morning. Wednesday Joy and I got on the two cute pink and yellow bikes with baskets we found in the finished out garage. ahahah OH what fun we had!! me trying to learn to ride again and her looking like it was a breeze!! We spent several hours riding that day along the beach and on over to Dana Point Harbor where we got ice cream and visited some gift shops. Neither one of us had packed much $$ so when we got back to the beach house we cleaned up and drove back over and had dinner outside by the harbor. it was prefect!! Joy such a lovely breeze and folks running to get out of my way before i ran them over! ahahah one gentlemen when we made it back down beach row that had seen me pedal out said “hey you are getting the hang of it!” we both laughed! it was a delightful day!! Met more neighbors and swam with some of them. the under tow was pretty strong but having spend several summers in FL myself as a child I understood how they work and was able to navigate out past them. still unless you were really a ways out the waves would crash on top of your head at times. ahahah you know you kind of bob in the ocean. the salt water helps holds you up. It was an adventure.

Thursday we arrived in Moorpark at another friends house. What a delight to get to see her also. Joy had family friend drive down from Bakersville (almost 2 hrs) to pick her up so they could visit and I got to visit with Whitney (and rest a few min on the couch) ahah Whitney such a darling child. she played and played with her toys up stairs and down stairs. The one time she got quiet at 3:30 it woke me up. I didn’t realize she was leaving that night with her aunty. I wish i had stayed awake and played more with her.

That night Chef Todd Noel and Barbie husband, Tim, made us steak and lobster tail. it was lovely!! Joy got back late that night and kind of hung out in her room. We did turn in early. The next night I stayed up late listening to Chef Todd tell stories about his life and adventures. :+} he’s very entertaining. Friday we got to ride horses. One of Todd’s daughters was there and she really wanted to ride. I was thrilled to get to ride Barbie’s amazing black horse, Cuero. As soon as we put the horses up we rushed off to have our nails dones. ahahah i’ve NEVER had my toe nails done. and Now i remember why i don’t get my nails done. just like my hair that grow SO fast i have to color every 3 wks or i look like some homeless person that only does their hair every 6 months. yes my nails grow that fast so it’s a losing battle to keep them ‘filled in’ but I really like how pretty they are! they dipped them. didn’t have that 25 years ago the last time i had my nails done! We girls had a fun time and Barbie paid for it all!! When we got back to Barbie’s got in the swimming pool and floated around while. I got some sun on my legs as Joy and I both had a large hat on. :+} Chef Todd cooked for us again. Between taking care of the puppies and playing with Barbie Frencies we had a full day!

Joy and I got up early the next morning and took off at 7:30 to drive the 5 hours to Livermore. had a wonderful drive. We laughed and talked and prayed and prayed! I finally wore Joy out and she fell asleep. It seemed like it took an hour to get to Livermore! where our last two pick up meet us at Juley’s house. I haven’t gotten to hug my sweet precious friend in 9 years!! I’m not sure who was more emotional her or I. We had a lovely visit. swimming in her pool with her two twins girls that really growing up!! ahahah oh to be 12 again! We had good take out sushi for dinner and fell into bed about 10:00 (which was midnight our time) to get up at 2:00 a.m. to head to the airport to fly home. it was an amazing trip!! God is sooooo good to us!!

I’m trying to get some photo up of our trip. Joy was amazing and so much help! Yes i’ve been home a wk working from before sun up until after 11:00 sometimes midnight. The Brene litter is sleeping all night now. yeah me!! the Sadie litter is out house with Tim. learning to go outside to poop and pee. yeah him! I’m not out there much. But i need to so more pix of them. Lily and Emme did help me get pix last wk of them. about time to choose our puppies.

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