June 1st 2020

Giggles delivered today. it was not good. she had 13 in there. 6 born dead. one boy took a few breaths then never breathed again. brought 6 home already lost another girl. I couldn’t be more sad. and disappointed. She was only 59 day TODAY she was a bit fussy yesterday but last night she laid down beside me and slept all night. i let her out at 6:00 when i got up and nursed the Layla litter and let dogs in and out changed Piper puppy water all the things you do and I laid back down until after 8:00 I decided to go ahead and take her in and arrived at vet at 11:15 i had OFA appointments for 1:30 dr Ron was busy so i ran on into Green Forest and picked up something i had order at the feed store there. came back and Dr Ron had went to lunch so a little after 1:00 we got Giggles in operating room. first one came out dead and stiff. :o{ next one too. next one alive. and that’s how it went. I had oxygen going in their covered and heated puppy box. I don’t know why this girl seized and died after we got home. If i would have taken them yesterday i think they all would have been alive. but she never was IN labor. no discharge to speak of. strange it was the boys that were dead. so right now i have one male and 4 females. and one of the girls is hanging on. this is certainly NOT how i expected this to go today. As all these puppies have paid deposits. SAdie is due next wk. and she is really full too.

I did manage to get in walk. i always feel better and walking and talking with Father God. just a lovely sun set tonight.

Granny’s climbing rose have climbed 10 to 12 feet into the air into some of the trees along the road. and we have had SO much rain it’s keep the washed off. i need to do a video of them. Goody went with me.

I uploaded a video from Sat night when I was at Kingston with my sister and we were walking the dogs and Taffy keep walking and we lost her it was way past sunset and my phone was dying and it wasn’t good. Thank God Tonya found her. she took the branch off the main road and i kept to the main road. I was pretty grateful to have my Taffy back. I had Goody on a leash and Tonya had Monet on a leash. I think she got so far ahead of us then jumped a deer or a rabbit and took off. I’ve never lost her when her and I walk together because i’m paying attention to her (not my sister)

So who could write without saying something about the state of affairs in our sad grieving nation tonight. my heart hurts for the hurting. But the truth is good can not come from Evil. that is “the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God” KJV James 1:20 We must not be overcome with evil but over come evil with good. It’s not ok to be in agreement with Evil. that is the evil done by the police officer OR the evil done by the looters/protestors . if you are in agreement with stealing and killing you are sewing into that and you will reap what you sow. It’s not ok to destroy and burn building and businesses. any more than it would be ok to burn and destroy YOUR own house. See we know it’s WRONG when it’s done to us. We KNOW in our conscience what is right and wrong. when it’s done to US. well that’s all together different. No it’s not. We did a book a while back on Wed night. called The Very Good Gospel ~ Lisa Sharon Harper I keep hearing her echo “if it’s not good news for EVERYBODY then it’s really not good news is it?” I will say this book challenged me and i’m glad. I will say i’ve never before stepped into the shoes of this (beautiful black) woman and see things from her point of view and it crushed me, the way she was treated in jr high and high school. I mean children can be so cruel. I had plenty of it in my own growing up day. Not wearing the latest fashion ( often recall having holes in my shoes we got one pair a year you know) or really fitting in any where. kids making fun of me. still. If you do not know about this outspoken and very well spoken women just google her name. The second part of her title: How everything wrong can be made right. and isn’t that the REAL Gospel? there is Hope is Christ. off to bed for me until time to feed again. I have four stable puppies in the box.

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