May 9th 2020

Saturday. Cut up bull today. always sad to see neighbors lose live stock. still makes the dogs happy! weather warming up. in the summer you have to be fast and efficient to get the meat chilled or it spoils. I uploaded a couple of video. Good neighbor’s bull. was down in his back leg. :+{ always sad. I hate it for our friends.

SOOOO I got TWO calls today one from guy in OR said he almost got scammed out of $$$ on a bullmastiff puppy and another from guy in WY that DID get scammed. I always feel SO BAD for these people. Their heart is hurting they just lost their best friend and someone rips them off! I understand FAther God Loves everyone but please know God is not mocked what so ever a man sows THAT is what he will reap. Reap on you evil people!! all the trouble and heartache you have caused others.

I got to feed Holly puppies twice today as Tim was working on that huge bull. (yes, i helped a litte) I uploaded some video of them . She was 146 on scale at vet’s and she is in good flesh. still she a nice large girl. and loves her puppies AND keeps them CLeAN! what more could Tim ask for?? gives tons of milk and keeps babies clean!

Chip’s litter finally leaving out after some diarrhea. i’ve use $60.00 or more of the pink probiotic in a tube and some meds. If i knew the secret to keeping them from sucking on one another and blowing into diarrhea. I’d save myself some grief.

Off to fed one more time before midnight. Hope I answered everyone emails today! crazy trying to keep up with the requests for puppies. I’m SO glad we got Sadie bred. her first litter and she will be three in Aug. and Brene to Turbo for a brindle litter.

Some of Granny’s Iris beside the road. So pretty.

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