May 8th 2020

SO Layla had her litter yesterday I got a couple hrs of sleep at a time and Holly Berry delivered today. Holly has 8 lovely RED puppies well two of them are FAWN a male and a female. :+}

Layla had 2 brindles one male one female 2 fawns and 1 very red male puppy. :+}

Everyone is home and doing well. Tim has the Holly litter out at the house with him. So not sure how many pix we are going to get of those guys. i did do one video i’ll upload tonight Holly was 146 on scale today. she is good and heavy and MAN does she have the milk! Thank goodness Tim will not need to give a bottle. I’ve been trying to give the Chip puppies that don’t get a good tit a bottle and they spit it out and look at me like i’m trying to poison them. ahahaha nothing taste like mommy milk!! so i just stay in there and move them around until every one get full. she is making a lot of milk.

Piper puppies are finally using their box to poop in ! always feels like success! down to 4 nursing a day and eating the 75.00 a bag kibble really good.

Im up and down most of the night but got a couple extra hr this morning so i feel fine. It’s when i work till midnight work from 2:00 to 3:00 or 4:00 get up and 6:00 and have to work the next day till midnight that catches up with me after a while.

Off to bed with me. i did upload a video but no pix yet. tomorrow. :+}

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