may 6th 2020

So my puppy girl didn’t make it. she passed a little before 7:00 last night. Once they get chilled it shuts down their gut. she had not nursed since late Monday night and vomited up some undigested milk :+{ I can’t help but take it hard. It’s the sad depressing side of breeding. having to bury them. Tim was so kind he did it last night. Out by the big pond where Sirichia is buried. When i took my walk at almost dark I walked out there.

My room is mess I’m a mess. I looked around and thought hey girl you need to get this place straightened back up! All I did yesterday was tend to that puppy. I did get some sleep between feeding last night. Tim was working cattle this morning and it didn’t even wake me up!

Piper litter eating out of bowl better. I sent Tim to got one of those $75.00 for 17.6 lbs bags of special kibble as one of my boys blew into diarrhea this morning. their little stomaches are so immature at this age. I know i should just cook for them but they over eat when i do that. and i like the idea of them eating when ever they are hungry not just set times. they gain weight better.

So the guys coming to get this load of steers (well NOT steers Tim didn’t band them when they were born) and they are out there bawling to their mummies. I think we are going to purchase a couple of REAL Steers from this same guys to put up and fatten out. the price has just dropped out of the bottom of cattle. very sad. Tim’s cattle always are as fat as they could possible be. The guys that comes and buys them loves Tim’s healthy fat cattle.

Not happy to be weaned!
good looking cattle

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