May 5th 2020

it’s only early afternoon. been up since 5:00 a.m.

when i fed and finally got in bed at 1:20 one of Chip’s girls was not as warm as she should have been and she was pooping water. scream! i got her warmed and thought she would be fine in their hot box with blanket on top absolutely NO draft and 150 watt red lamp hanging low but when i got up at few minutes after 5:00 and got in the box she was chilled again. :+{ I tubed her more fluids and held her against me until she warmed up. every time i put her down she cried so I just put her on my chest as I lay on couch listening to the other nurse for an hour. I made her a warm box with heating pad and hot water bottle. I tubed her every hour with just pedialyte as she didn’t nurse at 5:00 she was too weak. the things that make my job the most difficult. Still she was just pooping water! been giving meds for that. finally broke down and used some Pepto. Got to stop this loss of fluids. i put salve on her bottom that helped her screaming when she pooped. . and held her when she cried. i’ve got her on sub Q fluids now. Praying this baby girl makes it.

It’s so hard to hear them cry. :+{ I keep telling her what a lovely girl she is going to grow up and be and how much her family is going to love her.

My Piper box i got up baby gating yesterday. they turned 3 wks old. working on potty training them. I locked them IN the box last night. It’s full of lovely clean shredded papers. it keeps them dry. No need to be warm. it was 80 degrees in here last night I was sweating like pig and smelling like one too! Tina slept out on top of a blanket then i hung one from side of baby gating and she gets under it. She’s a hoot! she’s going to be something else. some of them have had loose stool. i know at this age when they start eating they try poop. GAG i know. and it blows them into diarrhea. I’m constantly monitoring who’s pooping what. giving them probiotics to balance back out their system.

It’s been a week since we have mowed lawn and my new little helpers, 13 year old twin boys that live down the road, are coming to help but i’m out on that today. still setting with this puppy. constantly cking her temperature. and holding her so she doesn’t stress herself crying around. I missed Giggle’s ultra sound and my hair cut. I think i could put pigtails in my hair! it’s WILD and long. ahaha I used to have long hair but had a beauty shop accident since 2006 it’s been short and i love it. It’s so grey it’s easy to color every 3 wks being this short. Yes i have to color EVERY 3 wks!! it grows SO fast. every time i see my sweet little friend that cut my hair she exclaims Man your hair grows fast! ahahah i said i know and i’ve cut it at least twice since you have seen me last. I adore my sweet little friend that cuts my hair. She went to school with my kids.

Thanksgiving 2004 This is my Beloved Dessy as a puppy. :+}

You know I still miss my Dessy. But I know she is waiting on the other side!

ahahah that was a long time ago. never gripe about your appearance. in 10 years you will look back and say MAN i looked good back then. ahahah!! Perspective folks!!

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