Spring 2020

SOOO trying to get back to blogging. I used to blog about an hour a day. I lost a couple of years when i was blogging on the vista print web site. but there are still a few years on this wordpress website. also did VERY little on the Wix web site. here is link to that one. LINK ahahah i went from 2,000 words a day to only once a month if that. i found the Wix blog not user friendly AT ALL and moving here living in an old milk barn on a cattle farm there is always work to be done.

So i’m back. we will see If i can manage to share on here. One reason I like to blog is if people only knew what we do to raise their puppy. and i love to share the Goodness of our GOOD God! I breath in and i breath out and without God that would not even be possible. really for any of us. As God gave us life and breath.

So this has changed a little bit i’ll be learning a few new things. let me see if i can post a pix!

yeah it worked!!! Peonies from Granny’s garden. !!! off to a great start!

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